Sunday, October 16, 2011

M4M - Sweet Talker

Last night I went out to the local club dancing - a "sort of" friend of mine introduced me to an Italian dude. He's such a sweet talker! He said that he saw me a few months ago at the club. He has seen me before and could not stop staring at me. Then he started telling me a lot of sweet things that I did not expect, and did not know how to respond to it besides "thank you" or "you are drunk!" LOL....

As far as the guy is concerned, I cannot tell for sure he's my type or not. But one thing that didn't start out right was that he said to me right from the beginning "I always have the hots for Asians." Personally, that line gets old. The gist of it is that he sounds like a player. Sweet talkers and me don't go very well together. He danced with me for little bit, and he could not keep his hands off me. I excused myself to go to bathroom, avoided him and went to talk/dance with my other peeps. Later on I saw him making out with another guy on the dance floor. I wish him the best! lol ..... He's a good looking guy, it's just that he came on to me too strong!