Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gay Hookup Sites Review


I have joined Manhunt for a while now. The atmosphere there is usually exciting. The site itself is not bombarded with tons of ads like others do. They have many cool features such as private messaging, chatting, blocking unwanted users, and seeing who’s online. The cool feature about it that I like is the “Who’s online” section. Manhunt has been around for a long time now, considering that, it has quite many gay men join them. However, the downside about it is that, you have to pay for the service. It’s annoying me sometime that when I reach the limit for free membership, I was stuck there – could not preview any other profiles, could not read/send any more messages. It’s frustrating!!


I joined this site last year. The first time I saw it, I didn’t like it at all. The interface design is not very friendly. But I like the fact that it has people in my area. So I went ahead and signed up. The site is just full of advertisements, and I could not stand staying online for more than 5 minutes. Until now, I logged on to the site only once in a while. I really don’t have much comment about this site for I don’t use it much.


This is my new discover this year a few months ago. It seems to be a start-up dating/hookup site. The design of the site is very professional, and I really like the fact that it’s not full of advertisements. The system itself is easy to use. There are a lot of features that I like to use such as sending flirts, requesting hang out and hookup (ahem lol – guilty is charged). I can track who opens my email there so that I know who is interested and who is not. I can also post an instant ad to let other men in my area know what I am looking for. Best of all yet, it’s FREE!!!! I don’t have to deal with the limitations per day. The downside about it though is that, since it’s new, some cities/states probably have not known about the site yet.

What about you? What other hookup sites you go to? And what’s your take on it/them? I gave up on J