Monday, March 1, 2010

M4M - California Guy

Well, I'm doomed! Did I just cheat on JC? I think so. Now, I am full of guilt and clueless. I have been with JC over a month now, but the relationship thing just does not seem to go toward what I expected. But I still like him. He's very nice, pure, and cute. But there I was, meeting a new guy that just moved from California.

He has just been in the town for a week. He found me on yetanotherm4m website and messaged me. We exchanged IMs and we have been chatting for a few days. Then tonight he invited me over to his place. We talked, did some workouts (hm... I was joking that he needed to be shirtless and in his undie while working out, who knew he really did it). He's a hottie. I was in temptation while checking him out in his undie, hehe.... Then we watched South Park. At first, it was very casual, but then he gradually moved his hand and started caressing my thigh. I was getting hard for a moment. Right after the show finished, he asked me to maybe stay for a little bit of cuddling. Well, I did. But that's it. I am still not sure why he told me that there's a hot guy at the club that he wanted to ask out. Can someone really do that? I mean, cuddling with me but talking about asking another person out? Or he was just being dumb? hehe... I think he was just trying to find dates, and is not exactly looking for any committed relationship.

Either way, I feel bad. I already had JC, but I was tempted to cuddle with another guy. Although we didn't do anything, but I think the act justifies my cheating. Sometimes, being single is better. But when you are single, no one comes along. It's a curse of life. *sigh* ...... Maybe, he's just another guy that passes me by.


  1. Can't say...u DID say that the relationship isn't going anywhere!!

    About why he made that comment...dunno! Maybe the cuddling was best-friendish cuddling...BUT then he wouldn't have caressed ur thighs!

    Nice blog! I'm following! :D

  2. Does J stand for Joe?

  3. No, it's latino's name lol