Saturday, January 23, 2010

M4M - JC - Part 1

It started with this guy that I met a few months ago at the local gay club. That time, we were just friends, then he went back to Mexico for a while. He came back and tried to re-connect with me, and we started to hang out, and that's how we were together.

At first, I was confused for the fact that we just slept together doing cuddling and kissing (no sex lol) because I did not know what to define about our relationship. Friends with benefits? I don't want that. Boyfriend? Too soon for that. Then I realize that, why would I be so caught up in this type of "labeling?" I decided to just go with the flow and get to know him better. One part of me was that I just like this guy a little bit. It's not strong enough for me to make any decisions yet. Therefore, I gave this unknown relationship a try.

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  1. Interesting...You are so self conscious..Aren't you? Going to next part..